First Year Fifteen Spotlight: Want to Get Involved?

By: Calina Noah

After my first semester at Rutgers, I felt I had more of a bearing on campus life, work balance, and maintaining my social life. I realized that I wanted to get more involved within the university’s community because of the confidence I had gained in my first semester. Along with my desire to get involved, I also wanted to get involved in order to expand my network due to my aspiration to one day attend law school.

Throughout high school I was always involved in student government and student association, both of which gave me the opportunity to lead and actively participate. However, when I arrived at Rutgers I felt intimidated by the size and variety of opportunities here. How could I choose what club from so many options? Would there be an opportunity to get the chance to lead as a somewhat inexperienced first year?

Thankfully after venting my frustrations to a close friend, she informed me of the First Year Fifteen program and it sounded too good to be true. A program that had leadership events and then turned into a fellowship program? Sign me up! I couldn’t wait to attend a meeting and learn more.

After going to the first general meeting, I am more eager than ever to attend my first leadership event and share my experience. If anyone is hesitant about getting involved or doesn’t know where to begin, First Year 15 may just be the opportunity you’re looking for! I got involved, so what R U waiting for?


unnamed[2]Calina Noah is an Honors School of Arts and Sciences freshman studying Psychology and Political Science. She has volunteered under the Childhood Leukemia Foundation and has worked as a volunteer for the Cory Booker for Senate campaign. Her interests lie in developing her skills as a leader as well as experiencing other cultures, such as through the Women’s Leadership Seminar she will be attending in South Korea. After graduation, Calina plans on attending law school in the hopes of becoming involved in some form of international law.


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