Summer 2014: Lead, Balance, Sleep…Repeat?

By: James Duffy

Summer is a time for the beach, relaxing, and lots of ice cream.  For me – it’s a little different (but I do love my ice cream).

James and Sierra Boggess (Little Mermaid & Phantom)

James and Sierra Boggess (Little Mermaid & Phantom)

I stay busy and try to get the most out of my time.  Through Rutgers I am currently working every day at a hospital pharmacy where I am learning so much about the pharmacy industry and myself every single day.  After that, I will be working five weeks in Manhattan at an acting studio, an internship I got through a fellow Rutgers student leader.  Both jobs are very different but have one thing in common – being a leader.  At the hospital, I am representing Rutgers with everything I do there and I help with many important health care decisions.  Keeping calm and having a clear mind is always important.  I always keep a notebook with me to write down any questions the pharmacists ask or any information they give.  At the acting studio, my title is Camp Leader so I am left in charge of 30 kids (ages 7-13) and their daily schedule which includes classes with Broadway stars, rehearsals for an off-Broadway performance, and seeing a Broadway show (Oh and the numerous bathroom breaks).  So I make sure that the kids have fun, but what is most important is that I show the kids an example of what a leader is and what type of person they can one day become.

James and his cousins

James and his cousins

Did I mention yet that I also work at a community pharmacy and a liquor store every weekend? I need some spending money for that ice cream.  Balancing becomes difficult with all the different things I end up doing and that’s why staying organized is so important and you should always have a plan.  Whether it’s planning your future post-graduation or planning your weekend trip to Point Pleasant, always go into experiences with a goal and write it down.

Rutgers Open House

Rutgers Open House

I have a crazy schedule on my computer that breaks down when I am going to wake-up, shower, eat breakfast, watch Wendy Williams, go to work, and see my family.  I am huge family person so I always make sure I spend time with my family because your family is the longest and strongest bond you will ever have in life.  Remember that for when you enter a new phase in life, whether it’s going to university or starting a new job, always make time for your family and show them love because they will always show you love back.

I am writing this blog after going church and before my shift at the liquor store – one of the rare moments I have to myself.  But I try to take these moments and just reflect and see how my week was and how I hope my next week will be.  It’s important to think about your life and try to be a better you than the day before.  No matter where I go I try to make a difference and you should too! I work hard and stay busy, what R U waiting for?

Bio HeadShotJames Duffy is a fifth year student in the Ernest Mario Pharmacy School. He is originally from Bayonne, NJ and (fun fact) is an identical twin! At Rutgers, he is a Scarlet Ambassador tour guide and a member of the Livingston Theater Company. He loves reality television and musical theater.



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