The Office of Leadership & Training

Our Goals

The goal of the Rutgers University Student Life Leadership & Training team is to design experiential programs and trainings in an effort to provoke thought and inspire action among our student leaders, student staff members and the entire University undergraduate population. Through a series of curricular and co-curricular skill building opportunities, we aim to help students develop the values, knowledge, confidence, critical thinking and interpersonal skills necessary to become innovators, engaged citizens and responsible leaders.

Our full range of practical and self-reflective programs are designed with the following outcomes in mind:

  • Develop and enhance fundamental real-world career building skills.
  • Present networking opportunities for participants.
  • Instill confidence to help realize potential.
  • Provide valuable assessment tools & feedback strategies to promote self-awareness and improvement.
  • Introduce students to new models of creative, critical and collaborative thinking.
  • Develop a recognition and celebration of differences in perspectives and leadership styles.
  • Learn how to work effectively and efficiently in a team environment.

Offerings include one-time workshops, regular curriculum-based seminars, multi-day retreats and large-scale lectures or events. Participants often leave with invaluable skills, access to a vast network of professional contacts or mentors, new friends and fresh ideas about their place or direction in the “real world.”

Additionally, our team strives to offer the most current, relevant, cutting edge and professional training available to students and the University community at large. Our access to a vast network of experienced trainers and facilities in an array of disciplines allows us to provide a customized curriculum to serve any sized group in any location for practically any length of time.

Students, Faculty and Staff interested in leadership development are encouraged to visit our team of professionals and interns at the brand new “Leadership Central” space located on the second floor of the Douglass Campus Center. This space is designed to provide members of the University community with access to a variety of leadership books and resources, training materials, innovative technology and team-building equipment. Stop by during business hours to brainstorm with our staff about new approaches for trainings, meetings or your own personal leadership development.

For more information on our programs or trainings, e-mail our Leadership & Training staff at lead@echo.rutgers.edu.


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